Easy-Cook Roti Prata Bundle

Easy-Cook Roti Prata Bundle

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For Spicy Food Lovers out there! Get the "Easy-Cook Roti Prata Bundle" to prepare delicious hot & spicy pizzas and puffs using roti prata as a base! (Yes that is right! Our roti prata can be served as a pizza base and puff skin too!) Easy recipe instructions down below and get all these products (roti prata, pepes and frozen vegetables) for only $14.90! (U.P. $17.50)

Product Bundle Contains:
Plain Roti Prata (30 pieces per pack 1650g)
Frozen Shrimp & Squid Pepes (3 pieces per pack 150g)
Frozen Broccoli (500g)
Frozen Edamame (500g)
Frozen Diced Potatoes (500g)
Frozen Whole Shiitake Mushroom  (500g)


Keep Frozen (-18°C)

Serving suggestions:

Spicy Seafood Veggie "Pizza" and Puff

Cooking Instructions:

Spicy Seafood Veggie  Pizza FULL RECIPE
Spicy Seafood Veggie Puff FULL RECIPE