Nacho Cheese Gratin Ball

Nacho Cheese Gratin Ball


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5 packets at 5% off. 6 or above at 10% off

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1ctn x 24pkts x 180g

Preparation method:

Gas Stove:

1) Add oil into pot, ensure oil level could cover gratin ball .

2) Heat oil at 'High' fro 3-5 minutes

3) Remove gratin ball from freezer, thawing not required.

4) Reduce flame to 'Low' and place 2 -3 gratin ball for 10 seconds before frying.

5) Fry Gratin ball for 3 -4 minutes or until golden brown.

6) Remove and strain excess oil before serving

Electric Deep Fryer:

1) Pre heat oil to 175°C.

2) Remove Gratin Ball from Freezer, thawing not required.

3) Lower Gratin ball into the oil and shake it around for 10 seconds

4) Fry Gratin Ball fro 3 -4 minutes until it floats and turns golden brown.

5) Remove and strain excess oil before serving.


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