Hakka Abacus Seeds

Hakka Abacus Seeds

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Introducing new Hakka Abacus Seeds - known as a traditional Hakka dish that is commonly eaten during festivals as it signifies prosperity and wealth.

Chinatown Food Hakka Abacus Seeds is developed using real root vegetables pastes.

It takes only 4 minutes to cook. Whether you like it served in steamboats, deep-fried or in grass jelly desserts, these Abacus Seeds are definitely versatile in any dishes!


Purple Sweet Potato

Yellow Sweet Potato


Net weight:

128g (15 pieces x 8.5g) per packet


Keep Frozen (-18°C)

Cooking Instructions:


  1. Lowe Abacus Seeds into boiling water and push with back of ladle constantly to prevent sticking.
  2. Boil at high flame for 1 minute, when the Abacus Seeds float, reduce to medium flame and boil for additional 3 minutes.
  3. Ready to serve.

Electric Deep Fryer:

  1. Heat oil to 175°C and lower Abacus Seeds into heated oil, ensure oil could cover Abacus Seeds.
  2. Fry for 3 minutes until Abacus Seeds float.
  3. Remove and drain excess oil.
  4. Ready to serve.

Serving suggestions:

Versatile in savory or sweet dishes

Eg. "Mala' Hotpot Abacus, stir-fried vegetables with Abacus seeds, deep-fried Abacus skewers, Boba Grass jelly and Bubur Chacha etc.

Other Information:

Suitable for Vegetarian, Tasty Singapore, ISO22000


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