Spicy Seafood Veggie Pizza Recipe

Who says Pizzas can only be made using pizza dough?
Find out how you can recreate this hot and spicy seafood veggie pizza specially using Chinatown Roti Prata!

Spicy Seafood Veggie Puff Recipe

Pastry puffs are often time-consuming to make from scratch. With Chinatown Roti Prata, it is way faster and easier to recreate these delicious spicy puffs with just only a few simple ingredients.

Mini Fruit Tarts and Quiches

With Amstar premade tart shells, you don't need to be an expert baker to impress your guests with delectable homemade treats! Check out these 3 easy mini tart recipe ideas that are easy to do and sure to be a hot favorite! 

"More than just a festive dish!"

Hakka abacus seeds are well known as a auspicious dish during festive seasons. But with Chinatown Hakka Abacus, whether you like it served in steamboats, deep-fried or in grass jelly desserts, they all taste delicious in savory or sweet delicacies!