Mini Cream Puff-Chocolate 4KG (Caterer Pack)

Mini Cream Puff-Chocolate 4KG (Caterer Pack)

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Oven baked cream puff / profiteroles with creamy fillings (Chocolate / Vanilla). Can be served with sliced fruits or other toppings for sumptuous dessert.


• Chocolate • Vanilla

Net Weight - packaging:

4 kg - 1 carton x 4 bulk packs (approx. 300 to 320 pieces)

Other Information:


Defrosting Guidelines:

Remove desired number of frozen Mini Cream Puffs and allow to defrost for

  • About 30 minutes at room temperature OR
  • About 60 minutes in the refrigerator. Ready to serve.

*Do not refreeze after defrosting. Do no defrost in microwave.


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