Working-In-Partnership programme

The Working-In-Partnership (WIP) programme is a collaboration from various food exporters and with the support from various Associations and International Enterprise (IE Singapore, a division of Singapore’s Ministry of Trade and Industry). The strategy is for Singapore food companies to consolidate their products into single container for DIRECT shipment to the Retailers or Importers.

We know too well that Retailers usually take on a slow and cautious approach towards new products. This means they will not order large quantities of a brand or even a Sku. With this restriction many manufacturers or exporters have found it difficult to convince Retailers’ buyers to test their products.

The WIP programme is an excellent, effective and proven initiative to overcome these problems. It can help food exporters to penetrate overseas markets, directly to the Retailers. The strategy is for manufacturers of a wide range of products to band together, to offer variety and consolidate shipment or to organize mega event like, “Tasty Singapore Food Fair” with the Retailers.

  1. Retailers or Importers’ benefits

    • ONE stop, ONE Contact, ONE purchase order, ONE consolidator, ONE shipment
    • TENS of manufacturers, HUNDREDS of products – chilled, frozen, grocery
    • LOW minimum ordering quantity
    • ORGANIZE mega promo event


ONE stop, ONE Contact, ONE purchase order, ONE consolidator, ONE shipment: With ONE stop processing, it less administrative work, less documentations, shorter shipment lead time. With ONE consolidator, providing trained and experienced staffs to handle the FTA’s application for ZERO or LOWER import tariffs will be easier.

TENS of manufacturers, HUNDREDS of products: With this rich & diverse range Retailers can easily select and fill the containers to its maximum for shipment.

LOW minimum ordering quantity: With the low MOQ Retailer/Importer can arrange more regular shipments and consumers can enjoy Fresher and Longer shelf life products. Replenishing “Out of Stock” products can also be done in shorter time.

ORGANIZE mega promo event: With Hundreds of products similar mega event like the “Tasty Singapore Food Fair” in TOPS Thailand can be jointly organize with the Retailers.

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