Twin Pack 2 Colors Glutinous Rice Ball

Twin Pack 2 Colors Glutinous Rice Ball

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S$4.50 each pack

Our new Twin Pack Mini Glutinous Rice Ball is a culinary masterpiece that combines colour with flavor to create a symphony of taste. Crafted with the finest ingredients and backed by our dedication to quality, Twin Pack Mini Glutinous Ball is set to redefine your expectations of glutinous rice ball. It is perfect for wedding or any auspicious ceremony.

Chinatown Food Twin Pack 2 Colors Glutinous Rice Ball
• Double flavour (peanut filling / black sesame filling) in each box.
• Glutinous rice ball skin uses carefully selected glutinous rice flour and naturally extracted colours from sweet potato (yellow or purple sweet potato).
• Colour is pastel and pretty, very easy to identify the two flavours.
• Pure peanut filling or pure black sesame filling, no artificial seasoning.
• One bite at a time and bouncy! Does not stick to teeth.

Serving Instructions:
1. Remove rice balls from freezer, do not defrost.
2. Lower rice balls into boiling water. Push rice balls with the back of ladle constantly to prevent sticking.
3. Boil at high flame for 4 minutes, once rice ball floats, reduce flame to medium and boil for additional 3 minutes.
4. Ready to serve.

2 packs in each box. Each pack is yellow-12pcs and purple-12pcs glutinous rice ball.

Halal certified.

-18 degree celsius

Cooking Instruction:
Watch video at

3 reviews for Twin Pack 2 Colors Glutinous Rice Ball

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    sweet! my daughter love yellow colour food.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Delightful frozen glutinous rice balls pretty with pastel colors, perfect for a whimsical kids’ tea party or a chic ladies’ gathering.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    So cute! Which supermarkets can I get this?

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