Vegetarian Rice Dumpling 斋粽子

Vegetarian Rice Dumpling 斋粽子


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Happiness Rice Dumpling (Vegan Zongzi)

幸福咸香斋粽子 ( 纯素食 斋粽子)

Packet: 2 pieces per set.
Origin: Malaysia.
Content: No Alliums, No Preservatives, No MSG.
Filling: Thai Sticky Rice, Shiitake Mushrooms, Black Eye Bean, Chestnuts, Diced Vegan Chicken (Soybean Fiber), Vegan Mutton (Mushroom Root), Mushroom Seasoning, Dark Soya Sauce, Himalayan Salt.
Packaging Method: Vacuum Bagged
Net content: 400g (2 pieces)
Storage conditions: -18 degrees
Storage method: Stored at Cold Freezer
Shelf life: 1 year

Current stock: Best before 13 Jan 2025.


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